La Macarena is a swinger resort. What does this mean?

La Macarena is a swinger resort, not a nudist resort or naturist resort.

Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed by social nudity and characterized by self-respect and respect for people with different opinions and for the environment. Nudism is a lifestyle in which the practitioners, the nudists, like to be undressed and find it not necessary to cover their bodies, also in the company of strangers. Being nude is natural to nudists. Nudists don’t associate being nude with sex. Nudism has no affiliation to exhibitionism or voyeurism.


A lot of nude recreationists are rather nudist than naturist because naturism has its own lifestyle philosophy.


Swingers come from all layers of society. You will meet swingers of all different religions, races and social status. However, most swingers belong to the category middle to upper class. Swingers are (married) couples with in general a very strong relationship. Most swingers consider sex as recreation time and enjoy their lifestyle in joint partnership. Because both partners choose to participate they agree that the lifestyle makes their relationship stronger. After all, they don’t keep secrets for each other.


Swinging is not the same as switching partners. Each couple has its own set of rules for sexual freedom.


Is La Macarena a couples club?

No, La Macarena is a small but luxurious resort where people can enjoy their sexual freedom together. Anything goes, there is no must, just respect.


What age are the guests in general?

It varies. The general age is around fifty but many younger and older couples find their way to this paradise at the Costa del Sol.


Where do most of the guests come from?

Most guests come from Europe. Great-Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, etc. The resort attracts also many American and Asian people. Concluding, La Macarena is a resort for all people all over the world.


Which languages are spoken?

Language is never a barrier. Most couples speak your language. Apart from that everybody will adjust. Communication is possible in all kind of ways.


What is so special about La Macarena?

Especially the casual atmosphere. Do whatever you want. Nobody will be surprised. You just want to lounge around the pool or sit on the terrace or any place? No problem. You want to read a book or have action? No problem again. The resort offers enough room to serve your wishes, day or night.


What kind of clothing should I bring?

It depends. During the day people sunbath in the nude around the pool. During breakfast or lunch the guests are mostly dressed lightly. At night however, during cocktail hour at 8.00 p.m. and dinner at 9.00 p.m. the guests wear sexy erotic clothing. A large amount of guests prefer to be clothed sexy but do as you please. And more importantly, find out what you want.


Dining at a long table?

That’s the way dinner is organized at La Macarena, with success! All guests find this an excellent way to get to know each other. It’s not formal, there is a lot of fun and laughing, flirting and wine in abundance.


Do most guests stay at the resort during the day and evening?

It depends on what you want. Lots of guests make trips during the day. Others stay at the resort. The choice is yours ane you are free to go and do whatever you want. We only ask you to let us know before 11.00 a.m. if you will be our guest at dinner time because of the provisions of the chef.


Is internet available?

You are on holiday. Is it really necessary to contact your business? On the terrace of La Macarena there is a computer available with Internet connection. You can use the computer as you please. Also WIFI is available on the terrace but restricted. The internet can be used to read your email, not to download files, movies or such. For the WIFI security code, please contact your host Biny.


What wines are available?

The all-in fee includes the house wines (red, white, rosé and cava). If interested in a different wine you can choose from the wine chest in the bar. An additional charge per bottle applies.


Can I make pictures or film at the resort?

No, it is not allowed to make pictures or film at the resort. The privacy of all our guests is very important to us.


Can I choose from a menu at dinner time?

No, each dinner consists of an appetizer and a main course. As a dessert you can choose between (homemade) ice cream, fruit, coffee or tea. If there are any ingredients you don’t like or if you are on a special diet, please let us know in advance. So we can make up the menu according to your wishes.